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Helping Clients With All Types Of Drug Charges

Over the last two decades, our attorney, Dave Sjoberg, has worked with clients throughout Minnesota to fight drug charges related to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and other illegal substances. Minnesota has mandatory minimum sentences established by statute, and if you are a repeat drug offender, you will most likely face jail time. Attorney Sjoberg understands how a criminal conviction can ruin your future prospects for employment, housing and education. He will do everything he can to get charges reduced and if possible, get the charges dropped altogether.

Fighting To Keep Drug Convictions Off Your Record

If you are a first-time offender, our goal at Sjoberg Law Office, P.A., is to seek out sentencing alternatives to avoid convictions and the long-term restrictions on your freedom related to a guilty verdict. One option is a stay of adjudication. This is a legal process where you essentially admit guilt, but the judge agrees not to accept your plea on the condition that you agree to terms similar to parole for set amount of time. If you meet those conditions for the entire length of the term, the conviction is never entered onto your record.

A second option is the 52.18 diversionary program. With a diversionary program, you agree to perform community service, attend substance abuse counseling or meetings, or participate in other court-ordered activities. If you complete the program as ordered by the court, there will be no conviction on your record.

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